Sales 101 - The art of making sales
Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

1. Selling Is A Two-way Traffic

In sales, you can only tell people 2 things 👇

  1. What they already know
  2. What they already know they want to know 👍

As soon as you start telling people stuff they haven’t got an interest in you are done, there’s no closing that deal.

2. Clarity Is The Key To Selling Professional Products Or Services

Without paying customers, the natural progression of any business would be to wound up and become another statistical item on company failure. In most cases, however, the problem is not a lack of customers that are willing to pay, but rather a business that has yet to effectively describe what it sells.

3. Selling Is An Art – It Takes Processes

Selling is an art, and unless you master the processes involved in creating that art, you’d either fail to produce any art – never make a sale, take a very long time to figure out to sell, or never be able to pull off a major sale – A masterpiece.

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