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Entrepreneurship is tough, so much so that there is the age-long on-going debate with particular interests on how and where entrepreneurs draw their strengths.

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Some opined that entrepreneurs are born, while others believe they are made; forged from the scenarios of hard work and grit.

Whatever the case, entrepreneurship is all about solving problems and creating businesses out of the solutions proffered. While most are either gifted on finding solutions to problems and challenges, others are not – They were trained and mostly supported by the experience of other service providers; such are mostly leaders who have mastered some effective team-building skills.

So if you want to go on the entrepreneurial journey, this article is a compilation of a list of small business ideas to help you start your journey rightly. Entrepreneurship is a challenging marathon, and statistically, many business owners fail to attain sustainability. But trying to achieve sustainability and then profitability is only a mere strategy challenge once you have the right business idea and an effective team to run with.

At ExpertsNG, we acknowledge that it can take a significant amount of time to come up with the right business idea you could execute with your current team and capital level, so we’re compiling the ultimate list of 500 business ideas to help you speed up the process.

Below are links to different ideas, classified by their different sectors

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This list is updated weekly.

  4. Sharing Economy Business Ideas
  5. Transportation Business Ideas
  6. Social Media Business Ideas
  7. Clothing Business ideas
  8. Tailoring Niche ideas
  9. Personal Services Ideas
  10. Photography
  11. ICT Enabled Offline business ideas
  12. ICT Enabled Online business ideas
  13. Childcare business ideas
  14. Water-related business ideas
  15. Art
  16. Confectionery
  17. Photography
  18. SME Business Support Services ideas


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