Keep At It, Don’t Quit.


Empathy is one of the most (if not the most important), leadership skills needed by this generation of ours.

Unfortunately, it is also one of the most often taken for granted. Most times, instead of looking down on your peers, your neighbor, or just that person you come across often, what they need is a nudge, someone to tell them that it is okay to fail – Give it to them.

Our world no longer celebrates failure; we are enmeshed in the belief that growth must follow the trajectory of a hockey stick. Once you take off, it becomes a crime to come down, you become an object of ridicule just because you gave in to the natural order of growth – walk, fall, crawl, stand, fall, run, fall, etc.

For you reading this, I have a sentence for you – Everything comes to you at the right time, keep at it, don’t give up.

Everything comes to you at the right time. Keep going. You will overcome all those obstacles and setbacks on your path. Your time will come.

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