How well can you handle distractions?

A naked woman got into a taxi somewhere in New York City, USA.

The taxi driver looked her up and down, and the following conversation followed:


Naked woman: That’s rude, have you never seen a naked woman before?

Taxi driver: I sure have, almost daily actually.

Naked woman: Then why are you looking me up and down for so long? Let’s go!

Taxi driver: To see if you have any money on you, without the money I am not moving!

Know distractions when you see them, it will help you focus on your long-term goals.

We’ve all been in that situation where even with the possibility of missing a deadline, we still find it hard to focus on the task ahead. We still find ourselves going back and forth through social media like it holds the catalyst to the task ahead.
If we aren’t checking it every ten minutes, we worry we might be missing on the latest gist in town; like we just missed the rapture.
The question is, how do you stay focused with all the distractions around. Please let us learn from you… tell us how you maintain focus.
Now, tell me, sincerely, how would you have reacted if you were the taxi driver?

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